About Us

The Association „Open the Doors” brings together persons after mental crises, as well as workers and supporters of community psychiatry in Krakow. The Association’s activity consists mainly in education of broad groups of society in the area of mental illnesses and recovery. We are trying to counter-act the social exclusion of the mentally ill, we propagate the idea that one can recover from a mental illness and play important, responsible social roles.

The Association issues a Magazine of the Communities Acting for the Mentally Ill „Dla Nas” [For Us], in which both beneficiaries and professionals publish their texts. We are participants and and co-organisers of national and international conferences in the subjec area of psychiatry. On annual basis, we co-organise the Community Psychiatry Forum of Beneficiaries, Families, and Professionals in Krakow, as well as Days of Solidarity with the Mentally Ill. We co-operate with similar Associations in Poland and in Europe. We win funds for our statutory activity from grants.

We also co-operate closely in a trialogue with the Association for the Development of Community Psychiatry and Care, and with the Families Association „Mental Health”. We support each other in difficult life situations, we form a circle of friends, characterised by courage and willingness to help mentally ill people and their families. A mental illness is no doom for us, it is rather a challenge to come out of it and get back with a new experience to lead a full and satisfactory life.




Association goals:

  • Mutual assistance.
  • Activities against stigmatization of mentally  ill people.
  • Cooperation with various organizations in country and abroad directed to:
  • Forming new sheltered work places
  • Acquiring  flats serving as sheltered flats
  • Organizing different forms of  recreation  for the mentally ill
  • Educational activity in patients’  milieu, their families and local communities
  •  Protection of the rights and dignity of  people suffering from mental illness.


     Ways of acting:
Association realizes its goals especially by:

  • Supporting of the indirect contacts, meetings and  other common activities of the mentally ill, their families and therapists.
  • Initiating and participation in radio and TV programs and in the press, aiming to the increase of the level of knowledge and understanding the problematic connected with mental disorders.
  • Participation and organization of the conferences in country and abroad.
  • Appointing, if necessary , other organizations for  achievement statutory goals and also for participation in local and foreign organizations of similar goals.
  • Collection of  financial means for realization of its goals.

Translated by Katarzyna Milcewicz