About Us

Association goals:

  • Mutual assistance.
  • Activities against stigmatization of mentally  ill people.
  • Cooperation with various organizations in country and abroad directed to:
  • Forming new sheltered work places
  • Acquiring  flats serving as sheltered flats
  • Organizing different forms of  recreation  for the mentally ill
  • Educational activity in patients’  milieu, their families and local communities
  •  Protection of the rights and dignity of  people suffering from mental illness.


     Ways of acting:
Association realizes its goals especially by:

  • Supporting of the indirect contacts, meetings and  other common activities of the mentally ill, their families and therapists.
  • Initiating and participation in radio and TV programs and in the press, aiming to the increase of the level of knowledge and understanding the problematic connected with mental disorders.
  • Participation and organization of the conferences in country and abroad.
  • Appointing, if necessary , other organizations for  achievement statutory goals and also for participation in local and foreign organizations of similar goals.
  • Collection of  financial means for realization of its goals.

Translated by Katarzyna Milcewicz